Terms and Conditions
NOTE - MCIS Non Refundable Service Fee Terms and Conditions below:

Thanks for your cooperation in paying into our MCIS Non Refundable Service Account and please read our terms and conditions before paying the service fee. Once the payment is made, it simply means that : You have agreed to the MCIS Non Refundable  Service Fee and its  terms and conditions of the receipt without reservation” .


Please note that this payment/receipt only covers you, legally married spouse and your biological children dependant(s). Kindly note that this receipt does not cover different Countries (other than the Divisions selected that you have paid for).

Please note that this payment/receipt is not transferrable to another client or person. The Non Refundable Service Fee payment does not cover giving of assistance on Bank Statement, Institution`s Application Fee for Institutions or Embassies Fee, Test of English Fee, Tuition fee or Tuition Deposit, Medical Fee from School or Embassies Fee, IHS Fee/Insurance fee, I-20 Fee/Courier Mailing Fee, Sevis Fee, IOM/Medical Fee, TB Test Fee, Polio Vaccination Fee/Yellow Card Fee , Personal Statement, Recommendation Letter, Accommodation Fee, Notarization of client`s document and Visa fee.

The Payment/Receipt is valid for only one year, starting from when the payment was made. As such, every client or applicant/person is entitled to be assisted within the applicant`s jurisdiction of payment for the duration. Also, all applicants can defer at any period within the period as stated above – such as within the stipulated period given (time frame). E.G: To defer only within the date specified from 2019 to 2020 or 2020 to 2021 and etc . Once the above Date has expired, the Management of MCIS (Masaden Continental Investment Services Ltd) reserves all right to withhold further assistance until new service fee(s) is/are paid. This payment/receipt deems activated and start running once MCIS received the fee payment.

Furthermore, MCIS Non Refundable Service Fee start running once MCIS begins service to the Client. (Sending of mail or mails, sending details via social media platform and giving information via phone call/contact detail) is counted as part of service rendered to the client). New service charge payment structure is solely reserved for MCIS Management to review periodically without prior notice to an enquirer/client.

If Per-adventure, you decide to object by discontinuing with our service ONLY within the 48 hours of making your payment, you will only be entitled to 50% out of whatever amount you have paid. The 50% Refund will only be acknowledged and paid to you if you notify/send your request to the Director of MCIS via this email only:  info@mcis.ng  while copying the MCIS Finance Unit:  finance@mcis.ng   in the body/content of your mail - which must be within the 48hours of your payment into our MCIS Non Refundable Service Fee Account. Once you do not object to our Non Refundable Fee receipt, we shall fully continue with your details and you shall not be entitled to any refund.MCIS service charge is valid for a period one year. Best regards,MCIS ManagementMayowaDirector of MCISSigned For:MCIS Finance Unit/MCIS Management